My Project List

Welcome to my internet playground. These are not work related projects. These are ADHD fueled personal experiments.

Listen To My Thoughts

I have no idea why anyone would want to listen, but I sometimes sit down with a field recorder and talk things out.

I do this for myself, but if you wanted to check it out, you are welcome to climb inside my head as I think things out and have quiet conversations with myself.

Read My Words

As I have gotten into reading more, I have realized that I needed to practice writting more too.

I try to find a quiet moment from time to time to sit down, self reflect, and put into words what is on my mind.

Buy My Junk

In June of 2022 I am opening an online store to sell some of my collections. Mostly antique books. A few years ago I commited to only reading books that were decades older than I am. There is just something magical about an old book and the history of both the ideas contained inside and the press that printed it.